About Óleaves


The Óleaves line of regional extra virgin olive oils are each specially-selected as the finest representative olive oil from the principle production regions of Spain, Italy, Greece and California. Each oil has its own distinct flavor characteristics and is beloved by the locals who have been enjoying it in their local cuisine for centuries.

In an industry wrought with fraud, misleading labels, consumer misconceptions and downright confusion, Óleaves was conceived to be a leader of change.

Poised to be one of the most trusted olive oil brands in American supermarkets, each oil has been carefully selected to be the best representative of each production region, while meeting the highest standards of quality.

Farmers selected for the Óleaves brand must take special care of the land and their olive groves, harvest their olives at the optimum ripeness, and use top of the line production methods and milling practices including the cold extraction method.

In addition, each bottle of Óleaves states the specific region in which the olives were grown, the variety of olives from which the oil is extracted, and most importantly, the harvest date, so you always know the true freshness of the oil.

These strict quality standards combined with transparency in labeling, ensures you are getting an olive oil true to its origin, produced with passion and care that is not only full in flavor, but also rich in healthy polyphenols.